Who knew that growing old required a degree in administration -- so much paperwork! There are many important things to do, which cannot be put off any longer. We all want our children to be taken care of, but if something unforeseen should happen to us, they would be burdened with probate court, lawyers and funeral logistics. We also want to live these years as happily and stress free as possible, and this is why proper planning is key.

You may not even be quite sure what needs to be done, but don’t worry because we have been helping clients with these issues for over a decade. Using our Golden Years administrative template as a blueprint, we will sit down and guide you through the important decisions you need to make and the actions that you need to take. We create a timeline, advise, discuss, synthesize and help with logistics.

Call us for a free consult to see if we can help you.

Services we offer:

ALTCS Applications

We offer knowledgeable and dependable assistance
for your ACHHHS, ALTCCS and VA Benefits


Notary Services

We can witness and authenticate your signature on
legal documents. You will be asked to provide acceptable forms of identification.


Last Wishes

We provide caring and compassionate advice during the process of planning your last wishes.


Power of Attorney

Between trusted friends or family, or I can
recommend reputable fiduciaries for you to choose from.


Funeral Plans

Working with caring and reliable funeral homes and cemeteries in the Phoenix area.


Body Donation

At a time when it is more important than ever, we'll help you decide for yourself if donation is right for you.



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